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The Pretend Christian: They Say They Love the Lord...

Things haven't changed much since biblical days. There are still sinners, mockers, liars, cheats, hypocrites, blasphemers, adulterers, thieves, and so on walking around in this world. This is enough reason to want to explore spiritual avenues in life to get away from the dark ones. Who wants to carry any of these labels forever?

As a new Christian, one who has recently dedicated his or her life to Christ, you will want to be discerning when it comes to connecting with those who claim to be like-minded. Even Jesus had one amongst his circle that eventually turned on him.

So what should you be looking for when communicating with people who say, "Lord, Lord..." but really act like "the devil, the devil!"

1. Confused or negative reaction when you talk about Jesus.
Some pretenders just don't know how to keep negative expressions off their faces when it comes to talking about Jesus. It is obvious they want no parts of conversations about Jesus when they are looking down at the floor, looking around, interrupting you because they "gotta go," or start angrily defending their actions or in-actions when it comes to doing the things of God.

2. Saying they will pray for you and others, but not really.
Those who are serious believers don't say they will pray and don't. There are ample opportunities for prayer. Some believers will pray as soon as a request is made over the phone, by email or live chat. If you see these born again believers in person, they might take your hands right there on the street corner, in the church during a service, on your job, and even on the bus without shame. However, those that pretend to be believers are busily doing something else while promising to pray, looking for the pastor and/or assistants to pray for you (because the job is just too big for them,) or finding everything else you say more interesting, but your prayer request.

3. Making excuses when it comes to being around Christian believers.
"I don't go to church because I'm not going to be accused of being a hypocrite, my life isn't right." If you haven't heard this excuse yet, you will. When you go to God in prayer, attend church, or sit with Bible-believing Christians, the Word of God doesn't say, "Clean yourself off first before you sit at my table." If you believe that then you are under man's law not God's word. In a metaphorical sense, the church is a spiritual hospital. In my opinion, there are God-appointed doctors and nurses there to care for the spiritually ill, those in recovery, and to educate visitors. I think of the types of people that gathered around Jesus. Those who thought they knew better were the sickest of them all and ultimately wanted Jesus killed.

We must remember that we had problems coming to Christ too when we were in the world. We made excuses so as not to be around, "those Christians." Yet, when we were down and out, we needed those Christians, didn't we? So when anyone (a relative, spouse, friend, co-worker or stranger) makes a statement about not going to church or any event where Christians are present for this reason or that, don't be hard on them. Yet, keep in mind, their "Praise God" and "God Bless you" doesn't give them a license to feel "led" to instruct you in your life, look the other way, this person is a fool.

4. Defends their sin.
No one wants to be called out on something he or she is doing that is contrary to the word of God. There are many things in the scriptures that our society doesn't participate in nowadays, but the foundational truths, those "common sense" statements like in the Book of Proverbs and the instructions of Jesus in the Gospels, cannot be challenged. However, a fool will debate the Bible. He or she will use the Bible to justify sin. They will judge others to validate their wrong-doing. They will also lie and cover-up their questionable behaviors. They will also find faults with your life in order to feel righteous and eventually knock you off your walk with God. Lastly, they will call you and your God names. This is the enemy at work!

When you feel spiritually drained around this person, frequently debate with him or her, or even question your own beliefs when you around this person, distance yourself from him or her. This person is being used by the adversary to get you off track from your walk. Rather, trust in the Lord to lead you out of whatever situation or connection you have with this person (or group.) He or she just isn't serving the Lord no matter what this person says.

Some people have a very long track record walking with God, but somewhere along the way they fall off (usually after the death of someone or something occurs in their life.) Their past records mean nothing if they aren't doing what the Lord wills for them to do today. These people are master deceivers. They are good at covering up how they really feel about God, because they usually have decades of experience acting like Christians (church attendance, outwardly shows of worship, tithing, church service, etc.)

We also must be watchful of other types of deceivers. Some people do pretend to be Christian in order to have sex with a person they find attractive. They will go along with the church invite, the bible study and other opportunities just so they can get close to you. Unfortunately, once they have had sex with you they are on to the next one--you have lost your mystery about you.

There are also those pretenders who only attend church for networking opportunities and others who just want to socialize and get freebies. You will easily see right through these people in time as you draw closer and closer to the Lord and will find yourself praying for them. They obviously are not interested in walking with God no more than a soul-selling musician who wants the riches and fame from the devil without doing anything else for him--its just not going to happen. You have to give up something to get something!

When you made a vow to walk with God, it was permanent. He is not going to forget you or leave you alone. He opened your spiritual eyes and this is why the world looks so much different to you then it once was. So now wherever you turn, you will see the writing on the wall that others who are still walking in darkness can't see, "Trust in me. I love you. I am here for you," says the Lord.

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