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They Left Me Alone

No one knows me.
Everything about me is unusual, different, crazy, and strange.
For they don't know my Father, nor do they know his Son.
I am one with My Father.
I was created from a rib, his daughter,
yet they don't know.

Mindful of demons
Mindless of their Saviour.
He never died. He still survives

And they don't know how to receive.
They live of this world.

How did I get here,
in love with an unseen God?
To know myself, to think for myself.
He used them for a season.
A little salt and then their flavour was lost.

I outgrew those who laid hands on me.
I outgrew those who raised me.
I outgrew those who I laughed and played with.

Sometimes it is hard.
The tears fall and I hurt inside.
They were an illusion--those folks from the past.
They preached and pleaded for me to walk this walk.

So now I am, but where are they?
Look at me, I am a daughter!
They look away.
They rather call me crazy, a babe.
He's with me when no one else is...
He's with me.

Nicholl McGuire
written October 17, 1997

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