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Too Focused on Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses & Others to Know the Truth

We all heard about the obvious cults in our society, but what you don't hear a lot about are the old school cults the ones that go back a lot further than the Mormons and Jehovah Witnesses. Freemasonry is on the rise again, Knights Templar, Illuminati, Rosicrucian, Middle Eastern religions that worship Allah and Buddha and many others are still very much alive, so much in fact you see evidences of these groups in the mainstream music industry. There is a heavy recruiting process going on these days, simply because Satan a.k.a Lucifer knows his time is about up! He needs to get as many people as he can to turn away from God in these last days. He knows that the book of Revelation will be coming to pass and even though he has been told repeatedly that he will not win in the end, he still insists on using people to believe otherwise.

Elite groups, secret societies or whatever you choose to call them, have not died and because so many think otherwise they are easily misled. It all starts with a token book, video, or some other form of communication to bait the unsuspecting (usually those who are "open to anything") like a fish catching a worm. I personally can see people like these a mile away and even more-so on the Internet, they are fortunate that I work for God, because if I didn't, no telling how many I could recruit for the devil's work! A lunch or dinner invite that may have been nothing more than something nice (at least in the beginning) ends up being a life long nightmare. Think how many victims start their stories with, "I had been invited...or I met this nice guy who took me to dinner..." Satan knows the flesh is weak and that is why it is so easy to put someone at ease eventually getting them to do what you want just offer them food and drink. A multi-level marketing opportunity turns into a meeting with Satanists or a church visit becomes nothing more than idol worshipers. The classic promises of fame, fortune and anything your heart desires are still the worms that catch the fish. Everyone who says "god" is not following the one true God. Oftentimes many of these groups leave Jesus out the picture or say very little about him.

People desperate for companionship, in need of money, housing or something else fall for the individual or groups' promises. Those desiring to learn more about life are open to opportunities to learn secret knowledge in the hopes to be elevated mentally, "illuminated" or some other promise from their god also known as Lucifer to some. Naive individuals draw near to their "mentors" or teachers in the hopes that they can become like them or even better. One's teachers often refers to others as "sheep," "cattle," or some other word to appear better.

If you recall any documentary you watched on cults, notice they were radical Christians. You don't see what goes on behind the scenes with Masons, Mormons, or members of the Illuminati, as well as others. You have to search to find credible former members of these groups. Consider the source when you are watching any documentary of Christian organizations. Ask whoever is showing you these documentaries, "What about other cult groups from the 17th century who are still practicing today?"

The journey into the occult can be a long, short and/or dangerous one depending on which path you choose. Despite what celebrities like Oprah tell you, all paths do not lead to God. Maybe to her god - being herself. But to get to the one true God, there is only one way and that is through Jesus Christ. Some say, "Well the church is corrupt. The Bible has been changed. The ministers are prostituting God's words for riches. I'm tired of the church!" To that, I will just say you have a choice you can use the same litmus test that you use for Christian groups for all groups - look for corruption in any and everything or do what you must within the Christian faith so that when you are absent from the body (dead) you are present with the Lord (start by reading the King James Bible to further your study, but be careful handling other biblical versions, many verses are left out or rearranged.) However, there are those who couldn't care less about the devil, God, heaven, hell or anything else and that's their choice too, but since I never died before, as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord even in my weak flesh that battles temptations everyday! I personally can't wait for the day to come that my spirit will be forever gone from this miserable world, but until then I will keep on speaking truth.

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