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Hey Dark World

Deceptive shades,
fire behind you
burning up the old you
to embrace the new you, entertainers!

Their music videos
don't match their Dear John letters.

Their dark side
hidden by glitter, gold
costumes, rings, tattoos.


Innocent, at first.
Their sold on a bunch of promises.
New car, homes, bonuses, reality shows.

Between the lies the puppet master speaks.
Behind dark shades,
he's always playing a game.

Fine print reads,
"You do do that for us..."
A soul enslaved to laws that make no sense
free of common sense.

don't know.

A disgruntled former player in the game
tells the truth, watch "favor" sales decline.
His life at stake.

How many times do you think you can shake the money tree
with mixed up philosophies, dare I say, artist?

False religions
fake Christianity
change their names for fame
change their names to play a game.

They use to be like you and me -
said prayers to God
now say chants to a god
use to go to church
now talk about a church.

An unholy union
with an unholy communion
smiling in my face
from the pages in print
the woman in red
prostituting herself
parading nude, teasing committed men
while her husband
degrades women
ignorant of truth
following a light that ends in darkness.

The black widow
killing him, killing you, killing me.

What to do
what to do
if and when the enemy uses you?

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