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Independent Woman: A Byproduct of the Feminist Movement

A dedication to my career driven sisters who proudly boast their degrees.

I was proud of my status
an independent woman
fresh out of college.

I wanted the money
I wanted the honey -
a sticky, gooey mess
got all over my shoes
my books
my mind
and my behind!

Oh no! Wasn't prepared for the news
a baby on the way
a marriage,
and a break from my career!

Fought the man
felt he interfered with my plan!
Couldn't hold on to his extended hand.
He never felt comfortable with me
and all my thoughts of degrees.

What was I going to do with all my education?
Wasn't interested in going along just to get along
that's not what they taught in college.

For I was free to be me
and that's what I intended
didn't want a kiss if it would make me miss
my thought and the money that came along with it.
"Move away, I'm busy."
"Can't you see, I'm tired?"
"You are nothing but a mess!"

Honey left me alone
didn't like to be called a mess.
Considered himself to be sweet, sticky -
a treat for me.

I resented honey
because he messed with my money
didn't like the plan God had set for me.

Desires of my heart was a man really it?
I preferred to be alone and exercise to stay fit,
but the baby changed my body
but didn't change my mind.
I had to catch up, felt a little left behind.

God wasn't taught in college.
Love didn't make the Dean's list
unless money was in the same sentence.

A fight every day for an independent me
living in an independent world
as far as I could see.

Where was God in all of this?

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