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God is Love

There is nothing in this world better
than seeing a man who has fallen in love with God.

His sins have been long carried by Jesus
his voice sings of the Holy Spirit.
He glows, smiles, laughs, cries.
My husband, Your Son, Our Father.

Thank you.
Touched he is by God's powerful hand
held is he by the Lord's wonderful embrace
problems become foundations of strength
to think twice about what you say and
how you say it is evidence of new found respect
for God is written on his face.

Jesus is his guide and the Holy Spirit is his angel.
Life will never be the same.
Salvation is the only way.
Prayers of strength to keep fellowship with God.
Life will never be the same for he will continue to grow,
humbled, relieved, understood, wise.

He is my husband, your Son, Our Father, Thank you!

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