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When God Speaks, 10 Things God Told Me in the Spirit

1. Observe your surroundings.
Know that I, Your God, Am Creator. Pay attention to strangers and strange happenings.

2. Listen to my voice.
(I speak) in the clouds, through the birds, through song and dance. Listen to my messengers - people. I use all people, places and things to communicate.

3. Use your head.
Think first what is your initial thought on a matter -- a major decision.

4. Let everything you do be spiritual.
Ignore the natural man inside for his desires and wants are of the flesh.

5. You are not of Me when you decide to do things according to your own will rather than my will.

6. Ignore criticism unless I tell you otherwise.

7. A day without me is a day without protection.

8. No matter what you do, wherever you may go, stay in prayer and fasting. Refer to the Bible for answers.

9. Everything happens for a reason. This is your test.

10. You will move on to eternal life if you follow these ways. Look to the commandments -- look to scriptures. Know that I AM in the plan.

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