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Who Can You Trust?

Darkness surrounds the individual who rejects the Lord. He wallows in his sorrows looking for a solution to a problem. His focus is not on the positive answers, because in darkness there is none. Looking amongst various family and friends, he hears several different solutions to one problem. Unfortunately, many are based on lies and selfish reasons. Misplaced trust that is his first problem.

Who will he trust when a loved one dies? Who will he trust when his money is gone? Who will he trust when his taxes are due?

His or her enemy isn't a neighbor, the government or a spouse. The enemy is within the individual, the devil within him or her.

For example, she trusts in her own solutions to solve problems at work. The boss is upset, because now it has been four times and she is still making the same mistakes. She knows that if she makes one more error, she will be on her way out the door. Eventually, the error is made and now she is left jobless. Her "instinct" tells her to trust in God. "Where was God before the mistakes occurred?" she asks herself. Answering her own question, she says, "My confidence and pride caused me to forget about God when things were fine."

How often must God's children go round and round to see what God is trying to say when things are good as well as bad? One can prevent the enemy of self by doing one thing and that is trusting in God.

So how does one trust in God? First, he must begin asking the Lord his opinion on the day-to-day activities he plans. If he knows he has a meeting to go to during the day, he may ask the Lord what shall he bring to the meeting or should he even go? Another example, he may have to prepare dinner after work, why not ask the Lord what to make for supper? In addition , there are house chores to be done, he may ask the Lord, "What task shall I accomplish today?" These little questions he asks God today will lead to bigger questions he will ask God tomorrow. Then , when times are rough and they will get rough, he can say, "Lord I trust that whatever happens in that operating room will be a success."

Remember the following scripture below as you begin to build a trusting relationship with God.

"Trust in the Lord and lean not on your own understanding in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight." -- Proverbs 3.

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