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Be Abused by No One

Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, be abused by no one. Some of you already know that and others who are reading this don’t. Let me explain, we must protect our bodies, mind and spirit from any kind of abuse not just for health reasons, but also for spiritual ones. We cannot argue with ourselves and say, “We will continue to live with this abuser, because she is great with my children” or “I love him, that’s why I take his mess.” God did not call us to be taken for granted, misused or abused. Jesus wasn’t one for arguing, He said what He had to say and backed it up with action…He walked away. Read the Gospels and notice Jesus’ mannerisms for yourself.

Many times we feel like God is no where around when bad things happen to us. However, we know that thinking is incorrect, because according to the New King James Version of the Holy Bible, God is everywhere at the same time, sees and knows all. Unfortunately, He didn’t create a world that is absent of verbal, physical and sexual abuse; instead, the most wicked of our society has orchestrated horrendous acts. As believers in Christ, we too, sometimes cannot avoid being abused or being the abuser. It doesn’t make those who haven’t experienced similar problems more blessed than us, for they have their own problems they are contending with from being poor to being mentally unstable. Yet some of you will ask why couldn’t God just wipe out all the evildoers? As we know that time hasn’t come yet, and until then we are expected to exercise our free will to do right or wrong.

When we turn on the evening news, our media shows us daily a world of strife and turbulence where innocent babies are being kidnapped and children are murdering their parents. In time we become, unemotional and detached from these news stories, because we have seen and heard too much. Then we find ourselves interviewing God about the problems of our society; instead of interviewing ourselves. How are we contributing to the world’s confusion with our own thoughts and actions when dealing with family, friends and strangers? If someone put a camera on us in the privacy of our homes and connected it to the Internet, could we continue the interview with God about what he is doing to help us and others? Most likely, we wouldn’t be asking any more questions of God. You see, we can’t blame God for what he isn’t doing, when we aren’t accepting the fact that we can choose between right and wrong. Further, we can’t expect God to do much for us when we only reach out to him when trouble is already upon us. Just like we have a relationship with family and friends, a similar relationship with God has to be cultivated. It can’t happen when our heads are clouded with work, school and our own personal pleasures. Time has to be set aside for God, so that we may find peace in the storms of our lives.

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This is indeed an evil world filled with abuse. But fortunately, as I point out in my book, prophecy shows that this age will soon end with the return of Christ, and He will bring peace, happiness, and justice to the earth. Abuse will be stopped at that time.

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