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Part One: Is it god or God? A Little Something for the Believers

At one time back in 95-96, during my naive days of accepting church invites without thinking, I thought all believers served the same God, I was wrong. I thought all believers were suppose to act a certain way, dress a certain way, and rightly divide the word the same way, I was really wrong. The truth is not everyone who says, "Oh god, Thank god, Oh my god," believes in God.

Some of the celebrities will say, "Thank god..." after doing a sexually explicit movie, singing a song full of cuss words, or acting crazy in some video, do you really think the one true God had something to do with that? After gambling away money for years and then finally winning something people will say, "Thank god!" Then put all the money back into the casino or lottery again or use it to pay for something that will only need more money to keep it going. Oh there was definitely a god in the midst, but it wasn't the one that put his Son on a cross for our sins!

I use to think this way until I started reading the word for myself and I had to ask God for forgiveness. I was thanking the wrong gods! You see we always think about fat statues and weird symbols being idols but we don't think about things like: material wealth, food, sex, and music being gods and/or idols in our lives. For example, there are people who serve food literally. Praising it often, talking about it too much, and spending just about the majority of their paychecks on it and as they do they are getting bigger and bigger starting to look and smell old just like it! No one seems to say too much about serving the god of gluttony until health problems occur. Too much food, money, sex, entertainment and anything related to these areas without balance and the discernment to separate what's wrong from what is right can be a god in your life!

The only way we can combat temptation is to take God at His word!

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