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Is God whipping or empowering believers?

Too busy to give thought to this question, I understand. But for those who enjoy thinking philosophically, I ask, is the God you serve whipping or empowering his church?

I have personally witnessed God's action and inaction on a personal and professional level in my own life. He has blessed me at the right time to receive something I may have not been ready for during times when I was being whipped. You see, I believe he whips and empowers. I know for some teachers and counselors they don't believe that God whips, but only empowers. If that is the case, then I pose these questions, "Why would there be a need for hell in his Bible, why would he take Job through struggles, kill many Israelites who were in route to the Promise Land, and deal with Adam and Eve in the way that he did?" People were getting whipped in the Bible whether they deserved it or not for purposes that we don't completely understand and it still happens to this day!

Sometimes the empowerment comes from the whipping. Let me repeat that, sometimes the empowerment comes from the whipping! Just like children who disobey their parents' wisdom and face punishment, so do we. The cost at times is very high from losing money to losing a life. Even with all the losses, some people never learn from their mistakes or "on purposes" if you know what I mean. They like to cover up the whipping with blame, false stories, hide, fake smiles and so on. But I know better, I see a whipped woman or man of God a mile away. You can say, "You are blessed and highly favored of the Lord" all you want, but when God whips people especially Christians we can all see it. When I got whipped God called me to write a book about it then turned it around for his glory, wonder what he will do with some of you hiding from his word?

I am amazed at the awesome blessings God gives people and how they are quick to raise their hand and say, "I did it!" What did they really do? A situation that seemed impossible suddenly comes through with a phone call or some cash and the nerve of some people to take credit for a situation that only hours maybe even days ago kept one up worried. "Please pray for me..." they say. Sad, how some have faith in God when nothing seems to be going their way then later have faith in self when everything is going their way.

I don't think God likes this attitude either because just as quick as one feels good about self, notice how he or she often comes down just as fast! God really does want to empower us, but are we ready? Do we pay attention to the writing on the wall? He uses people, places, and things to warn us of impending trouble but yet we argue about what we see, feel, hear, and read. "That's not God...God wouldn't do that...I don't believe God would...That's nothing but the devil..." The truth is the devil doesn't have the power to whip us if God isn't giving him the belt.

I think of those that I have talked to about health issues, money problems, relationship drama, and many other challenges that keep some up late at night and I hear the same thing, "I just want...I need for you to pray...why is God doing this..." Sometimes we can stop most whippings if we change our mindset. Rather, look at the wonderful things of God and act like it (Galatians Chapter 5 for starters.) Instead, many people focus on the negative reported on the following:  TV, radio, Internet, books, and lips who tear others down! It's like looking at a painting, you can either see the line and the dots in the middle of a white board and call the painting ugly, or you can see what looks like hills and raindrops and call it beautiful.

Your life is in the eye of the beholder -- in this case yourself and God. If an individual presents him or herself before God, the world and (of course) self, as nothing more than a gossip, a liar, a thief, a cheat, ugly, crazy, loud, or something else, then expect all the drama and whippings that go along with the negative perception.  Chances are some of you know someone like this and they aren't proud of who they are, that is why they are giving you so much grief! They spend an awful lot of time in everyone else's business. But if an individual presents him or her self, as a child of God, with a purpose, positive, productive, loving, and other positive qualities (irregardless of one's age, what he or she looks like, etc.) then that is what the world will see and so will God!

When you feel good about who you are in Christ, you are therefore empowered to go the distance, but when you find yourself weak and can't stand up against the enemy schemes then God doesn't have to whip you; instead you are whipping yourself.  Consider this, Jesus already took many beatings for you and me.  Don't beat yourself up about people, places and things!  Just do better the next time.  Pray, repent and keep it moving! 

The way you choose to see yourself (flaws and all) is up to you.  Beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder and the God you serve sees himself in you! 

For those of you struggling with seeing the beauty in you, know that you must labor to love yourself.  I wrote "Laboring to Love Myself," a poetry book that reaffirms this point.

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