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Let Us Pray...

Dear Lord,

Thank you for blessing me with ears to hear, a voice to speak, legs to walk, and so much more that I often take for granted. Thank you for sparing my life! For when I was down and out you were there when no one seemed to care about me.

I appreciate your wisdom, love, truth, and mercy. I know I don't deserve these things but because of your son Jesus that is why I am able to say, Aba Father! Thank you for adopting me into your kingdom. Lord, I want to have a closer relationship with you. I need to experience you just as I do when I am relating to humans. I need for you to speak a word over my life.

Lord, you know the money, relationship, family, work, health, and other struggles I am dealing with at this time in my life, I need for you to bless me with peace. I need to know what direction I must take in the near future to bring happiness to those affected by my decisions and not sadness.

Lord, I command your angels to come down upon those that I know and love and protect them from all harm and danger. Give them a discerning spirit to see trouble coming their way before it gets to them.

Let no weapon formed against me prosper from those who are jealous, angry, confused or bitter concerning me. I ask in Jesus name that you deal with my enemies according to your will.

Bless our government, churches, hospitals, businesses, and schools with the necessary knowledge to perform your will and be a benefit to all and not a burden. Teach those working in these establishments to be better stewards of your resources and have better attitudes about their service.

Thank you for listening to my prayers in Jesus name, Amen.

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