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What's Inside of Me?

Created, manifested, edited, and rearranged
my life story
to try to fit
what others said I should become!

Thought about a butcher, a baker and a candlestick maker
from a storybook of long ago.

Heard someone say a doctor, a lawyer, a teacher, and an athlete
I knew that wasn't for me.

So I went to God to confirm my identity,
my destiny
meanwhile the world says
"you can't be rich."

So I kept my dream under lock and key for awhile
as I pursued what man said was best for me.

Told me my success was measured by dollars and cents
wouldn't ackowledge me as an expert without letters
didn't think much of me when I couldn't drive metal
said I was breaking the rules if I went off course.

Oh there is a river of words within me
streaming out daily
for I cannot rest
until I do my best
until I write my last word
until I give my last breath...

Can't leave it up to God to tell my story
that's why he called me
front page news give God the glory!

My name will be...
My Father I am
the first and the last
oh how they will remember me!

My face on television
the wealthy will speak my name!
My children will call me blessed
for I am highly favored
bought with a price
more than a conqueror
through Christ who strengthens me!

For seeds I have sown for so many years
are sprouting green because of my tears!
The ground beneath me a solid rock I stand
no devil in hell can shake me!

My blessing will be running over
my house will have more room than I need
my car will shine
and someone out there will call me "mine."

Then I will reflect on this day
of how he blessed me with an idea
that sold millions
that delivered thousands
that appointed hundreds
for many are called
but chosen are few.

So I wait...and I wait
as God serves me my plate
and I will feast in the presence of mine enemies.

God will restore what was stolen from me
God will bless me like he did Job
a new day is coming...
"God grant me the serenity..."
I remember the note I posted upon my wall
and the time will come that I will need it!

For the crowds are on their way
the lights will be flashing
the pain of not having enough
will be far gone from my head!

My heart will no longer be heavy
my children won't have to hear "no"
and God, oh yes God...will answer my prayers!

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