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Destiny: The Lord will giveth but the Lord will also taketh away!

I told some people before I came back to Pittsburgh what I would be doing and I guess they forgot. I said that I was coming back home to get my life back! There was a lot said behind the statement that I made. For some, they thought I was running from something or someone, in a way I was. Crying, temperamental children in overload is a good enough reason! What about feeling taken advantage of, being lied to, having to digest a past that I felt at times I couldn't escape, and most of all those feelings of not being appreciated let alone loved! Oh yes, I was running!

I didn't say I was coming back to Pittsburgh to play someone's handy-woman -- that's why I went to school to be my own handy-woman as well as get paid decent wages working for someone else. Neither did I say I was coming back home to play babysitter either, if I want to watch children I would on my own time not because someone suggested or told me to,...I think not! I could go back home and watch my own! Lastly, I wasn't coming back to Pittsburgh to change anyone's daily schedule either, if they wanted to make some time for me so be it, if not, my train keeps moving! When you involve yourself with people who know your track record of generosity they expect you to do for them like you have no life, no goals, and no destiny. Which brings me to my point, what is your destiny? Are people taking advantage of you because you don't have your destiny orchestrated. Is it that you are waiting on God for a plan to start walking toward your destiny? Has God already given you a plan but you just don't know what to do with it?

I guess this wouldn't bother me so much if I knew these people had no clue about prayer, God's calling, destiny, and other spiritually related things. But most of the people I have associated myself with over the years know better! They know that when one is attempting to get their life back, what they are really saying is, "I have been called on an assignment to secure my destiny. A destiny that was taken away from me by mistakes I made and other reasons to numerous to count, so move out my way and let me get by, thank you!"

Have you ever tried to get around someone who was in your way? They may have been standing in front of something you needed, maybe they were blocking you from parking, or holding you up with a long conversation even though you told them you had to go several times or more. These obstacles that are set before you, although they may be on the surface well-meaning, hinder you from achieving your dreams, they keep you from your destiny.

As long as I continue on the path that God has called me on, I will be okay, but if I don't, he will take what is at the end of the journey away from me! Why leave a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow if there won't be anyone around to pick it up?

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