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Sexual Sin

Fear God!
The Creator of Heaven and Hell.
I was once the woman at the well.

Thought I had plenty of time,
to share my life in a rhyme.
But I was reminded of God's watch,
it was time to stop pleasing the crotch.

Toward the altar I had went,
the message had been sent.
God's people get away with nothing,
even when they try bluffing!

He meets with you behind closed doors,
exposes sins like wicked whores.
He said, "This is what you need to do,
I am the one you should pursue. 
Experience the kind of life worth living
and be more forgiving."

You think you have everything figured out.
Think blessings come after a shout.
But the one true God shows you there is more
while you pick your body up off a floor.

People convince you that you are alright,
even though they see your plight.
Some don't bother to tell you what's wrong,
prefer to send you messages in a song.

So you live a Me world that isn't black and white,
you either fight, hop a flight, or take advantage
of everything in sight.

Still in sin, while winning a friend.
Hope God's steadfast rules will bend.
Up today, down tomorrow, a twisted mind
full of sorrow.

Good insight doesn't stick around long,
especially when you know you're not strong.

So give it up, do what's right,
put God in view, get insight.

Nicholl McGuire

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