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Missed Out

they told him what to do.
yet he would still be untrue.

God had taken him by the hand,
showed him what he could have given him,
a prosperous land.

But the man couldn't hold his head up,
all he could do was look at the empty cup.
For he remembered what he had done,
and how he ignored God's Holy Son.

When things were good, he bragged about self,
while he made a wish and rubbed the head of an elf.
Thought he had everything figured out,
went to church and gave a shout.

But old him had showed up at home,
the name "Pride" was written on his dome.

Opted out of praying, preferred to stick
to old sayings. 

Didn't want to get too close
to the seers, despite having so many fears.

Wasted much money, days weren't sunny.
Tried to get laughs from shows that weren't funny.

No matter how much he lied, his Spirit just cried,
what little joy left within had been gobbled up by sin.

He missed out on blessings from everywhere,
distracted by nude women with long, blonde hair.

Thought he could do things his own way,
thought he had plenty of time to pray.

But there was a hell waiting for the Mister,
it had already claimed his fellow Sister.
Assumed that one was okay with the Lord,
but he had forgot about God's deadly sword.

A Holy Father's truth cuts, whips your butt,
and the next thing you know you're sitting
in a rut--trying to crawl free, people around see,
but all they say is, "So glad that's not me."

Nicholl McGuire

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