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You Didn't Want Dolls - a poem by Nicholl McGuire

This poem is a combination of contrast and rhyming poetry. The speaker is a frustrated Christian mother who shares her upset with a father of children who doesn't hide the fact that he doesn't want them. Toward the end of the poem, she warns witnesses. Enjoy!

Don’t be mad dad, when I’m bossy, overbearing, and overwhelmed when it comes to the children.

Society created me to be just what I am.
Playing with dolls during childhood, conditioned to be a mother.
Protective was I, my dolls were cared for.
Washed them, dressed them, carried them, fed them—It was I who loved them!
Told friends how to care for my dolls, talk to my dolls and play with my dolls.
If they didn’t treat them well, there was a price to pay – I cried, I fought about my dolls!
When I needed something for my dolls, I talked and talked until someone heard my pleas.
My dolls, they were there when no one wasn’t!  They needed me, like I needed them.
So don’t be mad dad,
if I fight you in court, I have good reason.
if I expect the children to behave, I have good reason.
if I need you to help, I have good reason.
if I want your help, I’ll ask.
You weren’t there when I played with my dolls.
Society put you in a truck, a car, a van, or a motorcycle when you were a child made you think you were a super hero.
You didn’t think about dolls.
Didn’t want dolls.
Couldn’t care less about dolls.
So please forgive me when I don’t step aside, don’t listen to you or don’t even want to play with you when it comes to our dolls!
Remember, you didn’t like dolls.
Dolls were not your friends.
Dolls you kicked aside, compassion you would not let in.
Dolls made noise, dolls weren’t for little boys.
You ran from pink, liked to play with stuff that stink.
You thought you had it all, as long as you had a ball.
But then you grew up and became a man.
Even though in the past, you ran.
Now you realize what to do, there are duties that come when you pursue.
Little girls become women, not just something to swim in.
So now you raise up concerns,
with unforgiveness in your heart, you yearn,
words and looks you use to burn,
your family.

Heed this warning, you who sit and watch my fit!
These are no longer the days of dolls, you have to watch real close lest you fall.
For seasons come and seasons go,
it's not about a holy show.
You don’t act like a God-sent family is nothing more than an anomaly.
Nor, do you compare what you have with others,
then talk about your own with the brothers.
For God sees all and many a man takes one long fall.
Watch their women go away with others,
While they sleep alone under-covers.
Dolls, dolls, dolls.
We see them in malls.
Crying out for dads,
while wearing clothing fads.
Crying out for moms,
like David with God in Psalms.
This is how we grow, this is how we show,
the truth about our ugly side,
between verses that don’t hide!
So look before you leap,
if you don’t want to be manipulated like sheep.
Men promise things,
Women expect rings.
Be careful of the next love song that you sing.

Check out more of Nicholl's online work here: nmenterprise7 - YouTube

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