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Are You One of US?

Evil said, "You act like one of us."
Why put up a fuss?
Exposed to witchcraft under a holy steeple
acting wild like the other people.

Came out a bit strange,
your spirit has been rearranged.
Walking on both sides,
you took a ride.
Opened yourself up to many things,
stood before others in various rings.

Didn't realize the work you had done
was really for Satan's fun.
You didn't know he too had a son.

Oh, your religion told you some things,
but it didn't share the evil that it sings.

Between the lines of text
stories appear to be complex.
But truth is everlasting,
a survivor of selfish masting.

For there are a few chosen
among the dozen
who walk an enlightened path,
but will end up under God's wrath.

You see they pledged for shortcuts,
but found themselves in numerous ruts.

Help came running when acts were cunning.

Around the world there are many copycats,
seeking to be a part of noted rat packs.

Wearing crosses at the pulpit,
commanding others to just sit.

For father knows best,
until he is put to the test.

Taking orders from dark ones,
a church he doesn't truly run.

A God who has long left,
replaced by a spirit who sits in a cleft.

Violated in the most private places,
the spirit rests on many faces.

They say they serve an awesome God,
but they have really chosen Satan's rod.

Prophecy to the nation
who seeks  messages of elation,
but none are given
to the dead that are livin.'

Lost you are,
spiritually far.
Draw near my dear
respect the Lord's words and do not fear.
For terror comes to the church door,
to restore hearts once more,
but trouble comes again
from a dark man
who has taken many oaths,
protected and betrothed.

There comes to you this day
an embracing of a new truth
begin to act like a sleuth.

Turn the TV off  when lies
attempt to get you to compromise.

Be a new creature worth keeping,
instead of one who's always sleeping.

For now is the time,
don't ignore this rhyme.
Rather look ahead,
get out of your bed.

Nicholl McGuire is the author of Spiritual Poems by Nicholl on

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