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Locked Up, Locked In, Locked Out

Man down.
TV watching doesn't suffice.
Walking in circles
from room to room
while his wife or is it his girlfriend or maybe it's his baby mama watches?

Locked up.
The prison warden makes a phone call
freedom lures him out of his cage,
but he doesn't want to go.

Locked in.
Established walls with no place to go,
he has no one to talk to,
no peace of mind
and no purpose for living of any kind.

Locked out.
his past caught up with him
no one wants Negativity around.
His mouth gets him in trouble.

Calling out for help,
"I need...I want...!" the man locked up, locked in, locked out,
ushers the unsuspecting to listen to him.
Caught in a trap, like a mouse, the good Samaritan now needs help.

Nothing more than a distraction is Negativity.
God stopped talking to him long ago.

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