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Innocent Crush, Guilty Obsession or Idol Worship? Celebrities

You may not bow down to them, but a celebrity is an idol for many people.  There was a time when people frowned on the words "idol" and "idol worship," but shows like American Idol softened the word "idol" and made it innocent.  However, those of you who are bible readers know there is nothing innocent about idol worship.  You anger God.  Your focus is centered more on the TV, radio and anything else that promotes an idol; instead of meditating on God's word or sitting silently long enough to hear a word from the Lord.  Then we wonder why the enemy gets a foothold in our lives. 

You may know just about everything your favorite celebrity has ever written, been to every concert that has come to town, bought their music or movies, and may have an extensive collection of photographs! However, there’s just one problem, you know you are your celebrity’s biggest fan, but those around you think you are their biggest freak. How do you know if you have an innocent crush or guilty obsession about a celebrity?
One. You think of them more than you do your partner.

Two. You pray for them more than you do yourself or the people you know.

Three. You believe that one day he or she will marry you.

Four. You have celebrity photos all over your home with little room for pictures of anything else.

Five. People who have observed your mannerisms, seen your home, or rode with you in your car have actually told you, “You need help!”

Six. You have actually willed part of your material wealth to him or her (as if they need it!)

Seven. You have had surgery done to look like them.

Eight. You plan your life around their events. For instance, you can’t just go to the concert, you have to hang outside the radio or television station where they are being interviewed.

Nine. Friends or family have threatened to call the police on you for stalking the celebrity.

Ten. You have spent much money to find out where a celebrity receives mail, if he or she has read your mail, and how to get in touch with the celebrity’s staff in the hopes that you will one day have lunch with him or her.

Eleven. You have money woes as a result of collecting celebrity memorabilia.

Twelve. You have relationship problems as a result of your thinking about your favorite celebrity so often.

If you find you can relate to many of these signs then you need help first repent for allowing the idol(s) to take center stage in your daily life therefore replacing your Savior.  Begin to cut back on the things that keep reminding you of this person, place or thing.  You may have to rid yourself of many things from pillowcases to magazines of favorite celebrities.  Next, fill up your free time doing the things of God.  Seek wise counsel for assistance.  God may have been calling you to fulfill his work while you were busying yourself with idols.  If you still find you are having trouble breaking free, find a professional who may be able to assist you with separating your fantasy from reality before you or anyone else gets further hurt by your obsessions.

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