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Poem: Man's Opinion

The world was created long before man
but he has an opinion on everything
doesn't he?

Weak in mind, body and spirit
denies a creator
doesn't believe in the Bible
don't like ministers
won't give to a church
always got an opinion on everything.

He shuts others out
won't let them speak
loves to argue
tells lies
looks like a fool.

When they don't vote for him
hire him
sex him
praise him
promote him...

He yells,
"Vote or die!"
pushes his way
through crowds
runs over the elderly
steals from the youth
abuses babies.

He needs a dark god
to fight for him!


He performs
kicks his feet like a child
to make his meaningless point
defending nothing
to get everything!

His opinion
his thought
his idea
his death!

And the world will still go around
long after him!
his false light
his brainwashed study
his faulty research
his hyped degree
his blood money
his nasty attitude.
his dumb opinion!

So yes I will pray
yes I will believe in a Creator
yes I will have morals
yes I will take a stand against evil vices
and I won't be controlled
by threats
by manipulation
by mind control
by the dollar!

That's my opinion.

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