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What About Laboring to Love Myself?

While there are many who are in love with self, worship and even honor self, there are many more who could careless about self. Both expressions of loving or lacking love of self are extreme, but it happens.

I wrote a book entitled, Laboring to Love Myself by Nicholl McGuire available at, because after going through domestic and dating violence at the ripe age of 21, I realized for me to allow someone to come into my life and totally dominate it, I didn't think too much of myself in the first place, but thought the world of the person coming in. A love like that is deadly! It is also extreme and lacks balance. In the end, it is emotionally draining and robs you of all self-awareness, self-acceptance and so many other self-protective mechanisms created to guard your heart.

So my new book, Laboring to Love Myself, is a continuation from the first book, Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate. In this book, I am coping with learning how to love myself even in the midst of beating myself up for having made such a bad relationship decision at a mere 21 years old. You see, victims of dating and domestic violence not only deal with the abuse from others, but they also abuse themselves as well.

When abused victims do something wrong, they don't easily forgive themselves. Their mistake(s) follow them for days, nights, weeks, and worse yet, years from now! Many are perfectionist types, the kind of people who have to make sure everything is well-thought out, planned, executed on time, and always in order. When things fall apart, they don't always know how to fix them, especially if it is beyond their control, so rather than just walk away or delegate the task to someone else like "normal" people do, they keep working at problems even though they may be a lost cause or out of their control (ie. bad partnerships, bad friendships, bad relationships, bad relatives, bad deals.)

So in Laboring to Love Myself, I am fresh out of an abusive relationship during the late 90s and ready to face the world as a single, happy and renewed woman! I have been saved, sanctified, and Holy Ghost filled with alot to learn. In this poetry memoir, I take you on what I consider the cliff notes of my spiritual quest to get back to loving me "in spite of" with no conditions just being me! You will walk with me into the new millennium and witness an interesting turn that occurs in my life resulting in me bringing life into this world.

Feel free to journey with me on what it means to love oneself and how I relied on God in the process, Laboring to Love Myself, and take a look at my blog:

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