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Selling Your Soul to the Devil? Is it Possible?

If you believe in Christian Bible teachings then you know you can’t sell your soul to the devil, but the devil can tempt you to do his work.

Evidence of this is in Luke 4 when the devil tempted Jesus who was full of the Holy Spirit. In Luke 4:13 in the New International Version Bible (NIV), “When the devil had finished all this tempting, he left him until an opportune time.” In the scriptures, we find that the Bible warns us about temptation. “Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.” according to Matthew 26:41 (NIV). In 1 Timothy 6:9, the Bible specifically speaks to those who desire to get rich, “Those who want to get rich fall into temptation and a trap and into many foolish and harmful desires that plunge people into ruin and destruction.”
Now why would the Bible talk about such things if people couldn’t be tempted by the devil?

The truth is people can be tempted enough to sign their name to a contract filled with false promises. People fall into the trappings of the occult every day because of their desires to achieve fame and fortune. Just because you and I consider ourselves intelligent enough to know better, doesn’t mean that financial hungry people don’t do such things. I’m sure you have heard of the old adage, “Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it.” Well, with a declining economy, don’t underestimate that desperate times call for desperate measures. There are people in this world that could care less about you or I or our families and will say and do just about anything to get ahead including making promises to anyone or anything to get what they want.

There are selfish people not only in the music industry but in government, church, education, media and in other industries that will not only seek money, but do just about anything to make it come to them a little faster including performing various rituals, seeking fortune tellers, talking to the dead, studying certain teachers of witchcraft, idol worship, sexual immorality, and other forms of wickedness. You may have seen movies where a musician desires fame and fortune, so he or she says a prayer or two to a deity for a little help or even worse, in reality, knew of someone who said or did a few strange chants and spells to make some things happen. The person never truly realizes that the deity they were chanting, talking or raising his or her hands to or bowing down to is not of God, but of the devil.

Kanye West announced during a freestyle rap performance in December 2009 that he sold his soul to the devil. He said, “I love the Game So
That I can’t take this s*t sometimes
And if they take everything away from me,
It wouldn’t f*ckin matter
Artists be too concerned about their well being sometimes.
Artists be too scared to stand up for something.
They scared to lose their f*ckin house,
Or their scared to lose their record deal.
I sold my soul to the devil
I know it’s a crappy deal
At least it came with a few toys like a happy meal.
I’m spaced out y’all, I be on that moon talk.
I wonder if God asked Mike how to moonwalk…”

Some bloggers and commenters reason that West was just saying that and “wooow not to be taken literally, its just a line in a song!!! no devil stuff!!” according to a commentor who calls herself, One10v3. Others believe West is involved with the Illuminati an elite group run by bankers who have orchestrated a plan for years to create a one world government also known as a New World Government. Supporters of West argue that many rap artists speak of selling their soul to the devil and that it’s just a figure of speech.

I disagree. If a statement like "selling my soul to the devil" was just a metaphor, a figure of speech or something meant to be taken lightheartedly then you would have to explain away all of the demonic hand signs, satanic clothing, many other musicians that allude to the dark side, disturbing tattoos, and other things that glorify the devil.

Ignorant, dark minds refuse the truth, because they know they would be compelled to change the way they think and that is definitely something they do not want to do especially if it requires work and inconveniences their way of life.

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