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No One is Good but the Father

Wisdom isn't well-received by everyone especially people who think that they and their lives are good so they criticize people when they attempt to share their faith, "What do I need a belief system for? My life is good. Christians are sheep they need a shepherd, I don't need one! That's why God gave me a mind and I use it!" These statements are absent of wisdom and hypocritical, because these same people when tragic circumstances come for a visit in their lives affecting self, family and friends, they want people to pray for them and may even go to God themselves with, "Lord if you do this one thing for me I'll..." and they will list promises. Others may buy something holy (like a cross or anointed oil,) attend a church, or send money to a Christian organization, all the while believing that their loved one will get better. People who usually have a hard time accepting wise teachings are those who don't want to change, after all, they think they are good. To listen or read wise information, one will begin to feel a variety of emotions all designed to convict one's spirit to change his or her ways such as lifestyle and harmful habits that may lead them to death. (That's why many denounce the most powerful book in the world, the Bible, because they don't want to change. When reading the Bible the truth looks you right in the face especially the Book of Proverbs!)

Some of the emotions you experience when you read the book of Proverbs and other teachings of the Bible is a desire to want to argue, change the meaning of the scripture, ignore it, or defend your thoughts. For example, Proverbs 16 "We can make our plans, but the final outcome is in God's hands."--New Living Bible. Now a person who thinks he or she is good would definitely not credit something greater as having control over his or her life. Rather, he or she will mock people who believe this and create what sounds like an intelligent argument to back it up. This wise teaching opens up a Pandora's box of thoughts. For instance one may reason that "Whatever plan I make somehow they all come back to God." This scripture also tells just how important it is to seek God for direction when making plans.

In other parts of the Bible wisdom is prevalent such as Romans 3:10 "No one is good-no one in all the world is innocent." -- New Living Bible. Immediately some readers will start with, "I don't agree with that. What about...?" This scripture doesn't refer to your specific situation, your personal experience -- nothing of the sort. But when one can't see past his or her own experience, they will debate and begin to argue using the "what about" defense. However, if you look at this statement on a broader scale and you say how people will throw around the word "good" as if it's nothing more than a simple word, you will find, when examining each and every person closely, such as you, me or they, we aren't good (that's why we need help mentally, physically, and spiritually!)

I continued to read the passage of scripture and noticed Romans 3:11 "No one has ever really followed God's paths, or even truly wanted to." --New Living Bible. How true is that statement! No one has ever really followed God's paths; this reaffirms why we can't be careless when calling men and women of God "good." We also can't assume that everyone who says they are a believer, Christian, disciple, priest, evangelist, a sister or brother in Christ is good.

To call someone good is to put a person on a pedestal. When a crisis comes in a believer or unbeliever's life everyone wants to run to a person they deem "good." But what they don't realize is that they have the same access to God as any minister, pastor or teacher. Go to the ones you call "good" for the training, but ultimately you won't need an intercessor for every matter that comes in your life. At some point God is going to say, "When are you coming to me for yourself?"

This word "good" is not only used amongst believers, but it's also used outside of spiritual groups as well. Your mother may tell you, "Visit this doctor she is good!" A friend may brag about "How good my husband is!" And, a boss may pat you on the back and say, "What a good worker you are!" That's all well and "good!" But just when you believe this flattery that is when something will happen to reduce the praise of this individual everyone thinks is so "good" and increase his or her humility while showing you their flaws.

It just doesn't pay to believe in what man or woman says about others being "good!" When people call you good, just thank them and keep it moving! The minute you allow the compliment of "good" to take over your mind, that is when people will start talking about how bad you are! Instead of keeping it real, keep it humble!

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