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Prophecy for Believers and Christians with Divine Experiences

(This is the prophetic word I received to believers from God and wrote it the best I could.)

"This day June 15, 2009 shall be a new day in the lives of those around you for they will see visions, have dreams, and will see change begin to happen in their lives. Although change does come with a price it is inevitable. For God will be shaking man up in a way that he has never seen before. He will take man up in his hands and will show him the upset that he is caused in his own life and those around him.

Take heed to my words for I come quick like a flash of lightning in the sky. I will not be moved nor shaken with words, oils, curses, medicines, or other idols that man seems to think will make me move. Like a flood, I come to take back what is mine! I call all men to me and they do not listen. I tell them what to eat, what to wear, what to drink, and still they do not listen. I am no longer moved by man’s tears, his prayers, his hopes, and sorrows. I come like a raging bull knocking down whoever or whatever stands in my way! Like in the Book of Job, calamity strikes without warning, pain comes without notice; death comes not by a mighty sword but in unexplainable, unfounded, misunderstood ways.

For I am God, I am the Alpha and the Omega, Jehovah Rafah. I am the first and last, the beginning and the end no one comes to the Father without Jesus –no one! They slander my names, misuse my text for selfish gain, they do not hold me up in esteem but rather hold themselves up. No longer will I sit by and allow the wicked to prevail in my kingdom. No longer will I allow those who have been wounded to be hurt more by wicked priests, leaders, counselors, and the like. I come not as man but as spirit. Without notice I come! I am disappointed in the way parents idly sit by and watch their children make a mess of my kingdom! I am angered by the utter foolishness that man calls Christian dance! I am spoiled by the music for it reflects not me but a generation that wants fame, fortune, and praise – is this what I teach? Is this what you heard from me? When have I told you to act in this way in my Bible? Did I not warn you of this behavior? Did I not scold you for this recklessness? Who do you think I am? Who might you serve? Idols – human idols made up to be glorified, worshipped, and treated as if they run the world. For do you not know that I am a jealous God, an angry God? I am not the friend that you call a friend instead I am your Father! I am the one who knit you together in your mother’s womb. What, then, shall it profit a man if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul? Where are the tears Oh holy ones? Where is the love oh wretched ones? Where is the help oh lazy ones? Tell me! I will arise and will take all those who have misguided the church to hell. They will not escape my punishment no matter who they ask to pray for them.

I am God who is fed up, angered and vengeful, for I will avenge those who have been led astray by misguided teachings. I will shake the very ground they trod upon. I will not stop until all is destroyed! Move quickly sons and daughters take your children out of schools that don’t preach the gospel, remove your children out of daycare that leave prayer out. Find godly people who will instruct your children in the way they should go. Do it now! Don’t wait! The clock is ticking waiting for the next victim to be taken to the gates of hell. Will it be you? You? You? No one knows the day, hour, season, time – no one!

Stop allowing people to worry you over when I will be coming my soon is not your soon. My time isn’t your time. God only knows. For those of you who have lost your way, come back home while you still can. Do what you must to breathe new life into the kingdom. Do what you must to restore families. Do what you must to save souls – do what you must! But hurry, the clock is ticking. Know that I am God!

I have sent this messenger to you to remind you of the path you must take to get here from there – for the path is narrow and straight it doesn’t turn left or right. May you believe from this day forward and know that I love you.


(PLEASE NOTE: As heard and recorded by Nicholl McGuire, a layman and believer. Since receiving this word, days following (specifically in the Pittsburgh area,) there have been very bad storms that have caused floods. In one night there were over 3000 sightings of lightning! I find it interesting that the last time Pittsburgh was “shaken up” was in 1998. A 5.2 magnitude earthquake came and shook the city. I also find it interesting that Pittsburgh has been in the spotlight for their winning sports teams lately and world leaders will be meeting here in September 2009. Just the other day North Korea threatened to 'wipe the United States off the map.' If you are familiar with end time prophecy you know that the United States is non-existant in the last days. Further there are those celebrities who have recently died (3 in a row) California as well as the rest of the world is "shook up" about Michael Jackson's death. BRACE YOURSELF there is more to come...Now with this information in mind, reread the text. God’s message becomes just a little more clearer, doesn’t it?)

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