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When You Can't Make it to Church...

Sometimes you may not be able to attend church, but thank God for the Internet you can watch and listen to what you need to feed your self spiritually from the comfort of your own home until you can make it to church. Whatever your issue big or small and you need answers, search on sites like You Tube, article sites, and anywhere else God is leading you. Notice I said, God.

I have prayed, spent quiet time alone, and noticed that God will direct me to a site I need right when I need it. Mind you, not every site is religious, spiritual, or Christian. Sometimes there is wisdom in a secular site too! Unfortunately, those internet surfers who aren't spirit filled, don't read and study the Bible, or have no experience worshiping or serving God or haven't in a long time, will not be able to see what God wants them to and may fall into a trap.

You need a discerning spirit to sift through all the junk on the Internet. When you are unsure especially when it comes to spiritual, relationship and family matters, check the Bible. You can conduct a quick keyword search online using the popular New International Version Bible. You may also want to consult with someone knowledgeable about the Bible and ask them to refer you to a site for your study until you comfortable finding information on your own. You see, not everyone's advice is written according to God's will and not everyone claiming to be Christian on some of these sites are really doing God's word or rightly dividing the word of truth.

I learned over ten years ago the hard way, after spending hours surfing on the net one day about the Holy Spirit, I came across this one site that started talking about the lost books of the Bible. The website had stories about Jesus' childhood. It was obvious someone or a group made these stories up because the Bible doesn't talk in specific detail about Jesus' childhood. There were things on the site that I had never heard of and when compared to scripture didn't make any sense because some of the things the writer had mentioned weren't even invented back then! I hadn't heard of these Jesus' stories from any television talk show, news media outlet, etc. but I had heard about the group that sponsored the site and it turned out that they were a cult! If it hadn't been for my experience researching about cults, listening to Christian radio, and talking with evangelists, I would have been mixed up in something I shouldn't have been while spreading false doctrine.

So if you can't make it to church, utilize the resources online, and if your church is on the Internet even better!

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