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The Season of the Swine Flu

Although the term swine flu is a man-made term, I see that from a spiritual standpoint it is of particular significance. Those of you who are Christians eagerly awaiting to spread your new found wisdom from the Bible must take heed during this season of the swine flu. I recall a scripture from Matthew 7:6 the King James version that says, "...neither cast ye your pearls before swine." In the New International Version it says, "Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and then turn and tear you to pieces."

Those powerful truths given to you during your quiet time with God are not always meant to be shared with the family you know and those you don't. If you ever did share information in the past with undeserving individuals, you know that at times they became offensive and what was meant to be a simple Bible lesson may have ended up with someone threatening to do another person bodily harm! Rather, those words of wisdom God gives you in your private time are there to help build you up, and keep you strong in the Lord!

At times we question the things that people say and we wonder if what they are saying aligns with scripture then when we find that it doesn't, some of us practically rush over to one another asking the person to read what it says. We feel good inside as if we are doing something wonderful for ourselves and them. But as you may already know, a person who doesn't read their Bible, doesn't attend church, and thinks that all Christians is one thing or another, will not accept what you say. Instead, you are putting yourself directly in the line of fire. Take your pearls and put them where you keep your most expensive jewelry protected! There is nothing wrong with keeping secrets between you and God.

So as the swine flu spreads throughout the land, be sure that you don't catch it, from a spiritual perspective, don't cast your pearls to swine!

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