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Jesus Loves the Little Children

The song, "Jesus Loves the Little Children" is powerful! It reminds us that we are children in the eyes of God irregardless of our skin tone! Just as good parents love and care for their children in spite of..., God does the same for us. However, what separates babies and adults is the ability that adults have to make decisions on their own whereas a baby can do nothing more than wait for someone to help them.

I think of Matthew 18 when Jesus sits the child upon his lap and tells his followers, "Unless you turn to God from your sins and become as little children, you will never get into the Kingdom of Heaven." Now this statement would be difficult for one to understand if he or she has never been in the presence of children. What I can tell you about children from personal experience, is they are eager to learn new things. When they really want to know something they will keep their mouths closed and do as they are told. They will also ask questions and apply what they have learned to their lives. Unfortunately, when most children grow older they become know-it-alls and do not want anyone telling them anything. I think even after life experiences we should have learned from, there is still a know-it-all spirit within us that isn't asking questions like a child, but is actually presenting oneself before God, church, family, friends,and strangers as if he or she already knows the answer! This has been the downfall of many Christians in the faith, we get a little meat and run with it never thinking to go back and learn how to cook it for ourselves and then distribute it to others.

We don't act like children when it comes to going to God for answers. Rather, we go to God thinking we already know what we are supposed to do in a situation or already have some idea what we are going to do before we wait on God to give us an answer. Instead, we should be open minded before Him and realize that God wants to guide us and teach us something different so that we can apply it to our lives.

Have you ever wondered why some children are so much smarter than others? The answer isn't always about whether the child has a parent who is a genius, but oftentimes the intelligence of the child is developed because someone took the time to explain or teach them new things. If the child was the strong-willed type and was never taught to tame the beast within, then he or she will not be open to advice or learning anything different without objection. I think that sometimes as Christians we don't want to learn anything new or different, because we know that we are responsible for the knowledge that we obtain. Sometimes playing ignorant, at least for some Christians, is a good excuse not to do what you are supposed to do in the Kingdom.

The way I see it, if I don't bother to go to God like a little child asking questions and being willing to apply the answers to my life, then I am not doing anything for the Kingdom on earth and I can forget about going to the Kingdom after I die. In summary, be as a little child and go to God with your questions, unlike humans he won't be offended, and will be more than happy to assist!

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