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Soul Lesson

What belongs to you
who belongs to you?
Christian, you got a lot of work to do.

I spent many nights crying alone,
because my mind had been blown
between work, college, and family.
Problems, sometimes all you see.

Yet, I had to give Him my burdens
or lose my life under the pressure
to perform,
and sign many forms.

Wasn't about to be that one,
who claimed God and then he's done.
Obtain money, power and fame
and then go off, become insane.

Satan's whistles, charms, and beauty
put people on paths of dirty duty.
They cry, moan, fight, and
lose sight...there is no beautiful
white light for those in sin.

Holy Ghost withdraws and
people are under the law.
No freedom in thought,
lost in confusion,
plans placed upon them of intrusion.
Infiltrate their minds,
make them stand in long lines,
enforce fines...

Read the newspapers,
check the 'Net, and sit down
and let...
the whisper of God come
free you!

Saw a man with a lot of money
in his hand, witnessed a woman who kicked in
sand and neither were interested
in spiritual things and all the bells
and whistles that they bring.

Rather live through life believing
they are in control,
they could care less about their own soul.

He knows,
he knows
we all reap,
we all sow.

Nicholl McGuire

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