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Godly Man

Man's righteous spiritual self
wouldn't respond to Krampas/elf, nor
the turkey, the tinsel, or the father named Time.
He wouldn't be mixed up in all sorts of crime.

No demon could reside within
causing him to commit any sins--
instead it would be out and about
waiting for the next opportunity to create doubt.

But man got his vision back!
Memories came flooding in
arranged like a card stack.

A spirit found peace
when he stopped thinking in terms of increase
the prosperity gospel had to cease--
didn't see the lasting benefit
his money never did sit--had his share of fits.
The minister and his money were misfits.

We get sucked into lies when we are weak
sometimes we put God in a back seat.
Then wonder why we face defeat.

Heard the stories of men and saw the glories of kin.
God's love letter impacted, made men feel better!

Nicholl McGuire shares spiritual insight on YouTube channel: nmenterprise7.

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