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Poet Tells of Why She Blogs at

I wasn't always happy about the inconvenience of having to find a piece of paper and pen, then note what comes to my mind.  Sometimes papers get lost, pens don't work, and thoughts disappear as soon as they appear.  I was most appreciative of the blog invention because it helped with making my Internet experience more enjoyable.  When thoughts come to my mind, it is nice to know I can come on Blogger and share what I feel God has moved me to share.

My weaknesses as well as my strengths appear on this site in poetic form.  This is my release when those offline are unkind, uncaring, and uninterested in the people and things of God.  My observations of society and relationships from a spiritual perspective are also on here.  I rhyme to keep from crying at times.  I share what I know to keep people out of the traps that I have fell into in the past.  I tell people stories because there are life lessons worth sharing.  I am happy sometimes when I right and other times I am sad--wishing for Jesus to return soon.

I thank you readers who have been with me over the years and sharing my links--I notice and I am grateful.  For newcomers, feel free to browse my blog and spread the truth.

I leave you with love, peace and happiness.  If you are an event planner or publisher in the So-Cal area and seek poets, let me know by leaving a comment.


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Spiritual Poems By Nicholl

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