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Stop and Pray

I was tired, didn't want to start my day.
So I got up, but I didn't pray.
I don't know why--I didn't know what to say?

And then things happened, crazy stuff,
I guess I had, had enough!

Glass broken all around me,
tiny fragments as far as the eye could see!
"That was me, that was me!" I thought.
For years, a merciful God I had sought.

Tears on a floor and a body left sore,
don't recall what was it I had been fighting for?
An issue without a cause,
didn't take the time to pause.

Now the world knows what is wrong,
and my story is far too long.
They don't care, observers just stare.

How did I come so far to turn back,
how did I lose it--blow my stack?
What spiritual gift did I lack?

It can happen to us all,
one day stand tall
then like Humpty take a great fall.

It can happen late at night or in the middle of the day
that is why it is best you stop and pray!

Nicholl McGuire

NOTE: This poem was inspired by a woman who recently had a nervous breakdown.  Please pray for all those people who are suffering right now as a result of past trauma that has fragmented their minds, thank you.

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