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We All Struggle

God lifted me up
when man brought me down--
spread my business all over town.

I had been in a war,
my heart was tore!
Felt empty, then life became
a bore.

There were visions I had,
some left me feeling sad,
and others made me
crazy, crazy mad!

Replayed the past in my mind,
tried real hard to come up
from behind.

So many talents and skills,
sometimes staying on top with pills.

But you can only do but so much,
before you need God's holy touch.

There was something more that I had to do,
hopping through life without a left shoe.

It is hard to walk when your mind struggles,
walls around one's life reduced to rubble.

People don't get you, don't feel you or need you,
push you away, pull you back, then sue you!

I know that I have to stay near to my Lord,
I prepare for future fights, I pick up the sword.

If there was anything more that I had to say,
I will tell the broken-hearted, the depressed
get down on your knees and pray!

Nicholl McGuire

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