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Poem: Don’t Hate the Church by Nicholl McGuire

Didn’t like what they said
Or how you were fed
Told you to pick up your own bed
Didn’t like where you were led

I get it.

Found a way to release the bitterness within
Found a way to justify your own sin
Now you have a heart like tin.

Criticize me for the words that I preach
Call yourself trying to teach
with a contract breach?

Said you would draw people near to our Lord
But it seems you are cutting people with his sword.

You see pain can make one go insane.
Talk about things in a negative way,
all the while forgetting to pray.

Now I didn’t want to be the one to offend,
but seriously brother you need to look at your own sin.
Standing before the masses while giving homeboys passes.

A signal hear, while hiding a tear,
where exactly is your fear?

The Father is waiting while you are baiting.
But you are too busy thinking about the next one you’ll be dating.

You put yourself in a position to hand hold with a Christian,
while hiding your own personal mission!

Your hopes and dreams you played out one day,
when you talked real long, but with no biblical verses to say.

Oh, but people clapped and clapped for you,
And said, “I wish long ago I met someone like you.”

Grabbing up the praise,
walking around in a daze.
You start doing what your enemies do,
living a life that isn’t necessarily true.

So what is God to do?
Post you up in front of others,
seat you before skeptical brothers.
Ask you to walk right
in the public’s sight.
But you can’t walk alone, nope, not without the Savior,
and definitely not without some favor.

You, like so many, will learn the hard way,
When you’re on your knees kneeling down to pray.

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