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Nations need Christ
upcoming bloodshed
no help from government.
Elect, represent,
a new president has been sent
by gods who lie
they called out to the, "Dead arise!"
Now the Pandora's box has been
opened, lies have been soaked in.
Too many loose marbles
can't contain them.
So they shame them,
then maim them.
Thought they were getting somewhere,
but their plans lead to no where.
White and blue, red, and pretend Jew.
Black stepped back, now he's under attack.
Follow the rule book, you know what to do.
But programming goes haywire,
now nations are under fire.
Go ahead, do what you think you know,
but you will end up like so and so.
Got his hand on a trigger
ready to blast, blast, blast,
his attempt to make violence last, last, last.
But  he retreats 'cause someone gave him his treats.
Listen to the voice of a prophet.
Hold on to your money, stock up on your honey,
because you'll need it.
For during hard times, you will want to be reminded
of those good times.
Smell the aroma of what once was.
Hold on to babies and rub peach fuzz.
The crying won't stop.
There will be lines ordered by a cop.
"You over there! Now you over there!
You better watch that stare!"
Many feet will be bare.
"Where are we?" one will ask.
"Told you this day would be coming!"
Shot for opening one's mouth.
There's a scream, a shout!
"Help us Jesus!"
Not yet, not time, don't fret.
Needs unmet.
"Where is your God now?"
"Was anyone talking about God?"
Cold-blood running through cold veins.
Decade long shift.
New beginnings we sift.
No new world order, already here.
But many couldn't see between sips of beer.
Asleep, awake, asleep, awake
too much information on a brain left to bake,
while souls are at stake.
Heat up the frying pan, some jumped in.
Heat up the boiling water, many in sin.
Never listening, always glistening
with silliness and business.
When will they all see, when will we all be free?

by Nicholl McGuire
Author of Know Your Enemy: The Christian's Critic

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