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Stubborness and Band-Aids

It was very easy for others to recognize that my abusive relationship was dysfunctional, unhealthy, crazy and other things that people used to describe it.  Therefore, they couldn’t stand to see me go through the things that I went through.  But did anyone, who knew me at the time (back in ’96), ever think to look at their own actions with self and others as self-destructive?

Most of us can view others’ lives and come up with a diagnosis, a solution, a tip, a Scripture, a remedy, or something else to help, but when it comes to assisting ourselves, we fail!  I pondered on this subject matter of being blind to one’s spiritual, mental and physical conditions after thinking about how many band aids I mailed, wrapped, ordered, sold, and gave to people who said, “Thank you, I could use this!” over the years.  “Band-Aids,” the Spirit told me.  “You gave band aids to stubborn men and women who refuse to listen to sound advice.”  The type of people who believe that safety gear, co-workers, vacations, medicine, vitamins, exercise, church, and friends are for the weak-minded.  Therefore, miserable and stubborn in their ways, those in pain (mentally and physically) have long forgotten how to smile and show others, when they do think of them, a little appreciation.

We have a lot of growing up to do, Church.  We ought to go to God this day with the following prayer, “Help me Lord to not be so stubborn!  Change my thoughts when it comes to assuming good advice is weak.  Soften my heart and make me a better person in the sight of you so that I may be a blessing and not a curse to others. In Jesus Name.”

Some Scripture references for stubbornness, rebellion and fools:
2 Kings 17:13-14
Matthew 19:8 – stubborn in marriage end result
Deuteronomy 21:18
Deuteronomy 21:20
Deuteronomy 31:27
Ezekiel 12:22
Romans 1:22
Proverbs 3:35
Ecclesiastes  7:5
Proverbs 1:22

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