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1966 Counterfeit Blessing

Church folks promised a blessing
I needed one, I was stressing.
Hoped for something good,
but I somehow misunderstood
the part in the Bible
about Satan.
He too likes to go matin.'

He could do
similar things that could
make one's heart sing.

Pretend like he was Christ,
use God's words to entice.

On a date,
this one upset my fate.
One of my biggest mistakes!

Let down my guard
a backslider's thoughts retard.
"Now what was it that you just said?"

His clothes seemed to talk to me,
stood right in front of me,

"Forget what you read!
I don't dress in red.
Will give you good love,
let's go to bed?"

I thought my eyes were joking,
I started choking.
His black sweater vest
was nothing more than a test.

A false prophet said, "He's the one!"
But I had to disagree,
he reminded me of
a familiar enemy!

He planned for two sons or maybe just one,
talked about what he liked to do for fun.

A fatherless boy taught how to play mind games,
from someone accused of going insane.

A frustrated parent who couldn't manage
past actions that caused much damage.

The devil respected an upside down cross,
it was obvious this man was indeed loss!

Now about your thoughts on a son,
what about the mother...?

"Don't care if she runs, enough about him,
do you work out in a gym?"

He answered his own question,
Blind spiritual eyes,
but flesh he could see.
His conversation at times lost me.
Wasn't sure if he believed in the Trinity.

At one time he prayed to the one above.
A tat on his arm, "Could it be a dove?"

I took pause after pause
attempted to speak.
He looked at me like I was a freak!
Probably was too busy thinking,
"Let's play Hide-n-Seek."

I couldn't read minds, what did he want me to do?"
He said, "Oh, I've just been looking at you."

He wanted to recruit me, make me behave.
Then later turn me into his so-called sex slave.
He dressed the part, smiled real nice
still saying words to entice.

"No longer interested in talking to you!"
I thought.
But the tempter said, "You I have sought."

The devil had warned, "Watch what you do!
For everything God does I can do,
many are called, but chosen are few."

Nicholl McGuire

See the comparison between the Lord and the Anti-Christ at this website.  Would you recognize a counterfeit? 

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