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Always in a Rush

In a slow town, in slow motion
where people talk slow, walk slow.
God speaks.
No excuses anymore to not listen.

No honking cars in rush hour.
No people passing each other without a glance.
Someone knows your name.
Someone is praying for you.

A long way from home.
You don't need to talk fast, move fast
or rush God with your requests.

"God I want...
God I need....
God I love you..."
God isn't buying it.
Stop talking!
Your always in a rush!

He put you here, city boy, city girl in a small town
with small wishes, with small voices and small minds.
A town you love to hate.
But why?
Can't appreciate the simple things, too busy looking for the big things.
Someone told you there is a better life amongst the noise.

You remember the sound of birds and crickets don't you?
What about the singing of rain drops and wind?

No man-made sounds day and night in this here small town.
Peace and quiet.
What is He saying to you?
Is life difficult these days?
Are you troubled?
Can't get your head out of the past?
Lost in the future?

Your heart is racing.
Chest tightening.
Just breathe.
Take your time.
What's your hurry?
Always getting up to go to the next room to...
watch TV,
wipe something clean,
straighten something up,
pick up the phone,
listen to music,
surf the Internet,
get ready for work,
go to school.

He's talking.
Are you listening?

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