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Why doesn't God answer my prayers?

God does answers prayers; however, every prayer isn't always a good prayer. For example, prayers concerning material wealth may start off a blessing but end up a curse. Think about how many people win the lottery and wish they hadn't because every one now wants a piece of their pie! So God may have answered your prayer with silence. He may be allowing you to get your personal life or finances in order before he allows you to receive yet another person, place or thing in your life.

I can think of a time in my life where I was feeling angry as if nothing was going right and I felt that God wasn't listening. Then one day the Holy Spirit reminded me that God did answer my prayers. It may not have been in the way I anticipated they be answered, but they were including those he remained silent about. It was a good thing too, because if he had done what I thought he should have, I would have been in some serious trouble in both my personal and professional life.

The best prayers are those which praise God and thank him (since he already knows the desires of our heart anyway.) This doesn't mean we shouldn't ask for things, but what we should be concentrating on is a relationship with him and not necessarily on what he will do for us. Amen?

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