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The Line Between Right & Wrong is Blurring Everyday

When people want to do something whether right or wrong they are going to do it. You may try to debate, provide statistical data, use examples, even climb up on a table and shout and they will still do what they want. I don't have a problem with people who have their minds made up, but what I do have a problem with is people who come to me with their criticisms about what I say and think that I won't defend my truth. Some things you don't need a Bible, a counselor or anyone telling you that something is wrong, you should just know it!

Someone came to me, notice I didn't go to them, and told me that there was something wrong with me for not agreeing that there is nothing wrong with being gay. I almost laughed. Listen, there is something wrong with two men or two women "attempting" to have sex with one another. No matter what objects one chooses to bring into the bedroom, it's just not natural or right if you look at it from a logical, scientific or biblical perspective. 

After I spoke my truth, of course this person couldn't leave well enough alone, he/she had to argue and try to bully me into seeing things his/her way. It won't happen no matter how many laws these groups come up with, deep inside we all know it's wrong to be intimate with the same sex.

I know people who have had and are still in weird relationships and I don't bend, back down, dance around the truth or try to make them feel comfortable. What's wrong is wrong! I guess in time it will be okay to have sex with animals too, and some group will probably tell us to watch talking about a person who enjoys this lifestyle, "You hater!"   I can see it now, one day a fool will be on television trying to get health care for his dog, cat, or horse, "I love my dog and I want to spend the rest of my life with this dog." He may even have a ceremony where he marries his dog--ugh!  I'm sure there is some maniac inventor creating some device that will make it easier to have sex with one's animal. Scary thought isn't it? Think about half human and half robot beings! Can you imagine? Man will do just about anything to justify his perversions!

The next wrong that I have encountered where people try to make it seem it's perfectly okay, is stealing. They reason there is nothing wrong with using company supplies, money, even an employee on company time for personal reasons. They use and/or steal items from work for personal use.

Now if your boss or co-worker walked into your home and took something out of your home without asking or took something and never brought it back, would he or she be stealing?

I rest my case.

Another wrong that people often blur with "it's okay, it's alright" comments, is lying. Humans have all sorts of reasons as to why lying is acceptable to you, me, bosses, family, friends, strangers, and most of all God. "I lied because I was scared...I lied because I needed the money...I lied to keep from getting into trouble." Well, what if someone lied to you and you found out about it, would it bother you? What about a partner lying about where he was after work. I guess that's okay too, right?  He or she didn't want to upset you.

There are plenty of other wrongs these days that people are trying to rally up some support. They want an excuse to do and be whatever they want and dare anyone say, "That's wrong!" Adults, who are supposed to know better, allow evil messages in music videos (primarily watched by young children,) mainstream music, movies, games, and more to teach their children.  They justify it with statements like, "...It's an art form...My mom and dad let me watch it...My son is too young to know what she's talking about...So what she is dancing like that...What's the big deal? He will see it anyway!"

Celebrity fans say that there is nothing wrong with listening and spreading false rumors about celebrities, but it's not okay to gossip about them, huh? Celebrities are people just like you and me, and some think its perfectly fine to lie on them.  There is enough ugly they are doing, expose the truth, no need to make up falsehoods.

We can go on and on about how evil is considered good and good is considered evil, but the main point of this thought is don't allow yourself to be blinded when it comes to what is right and what is wrong, because someone or some group says you are wrong, threatens, bullies, or blatantly lies about you.  Stand up for truth! Trust in God and he will deal with all of these people in His time who use their platforms to blind others to what's right and what's wrong at home and elsewhere.


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